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Created Date : Monday, July 1, 2019   Update Date : Wednesday, October 30, 2019   

List of workshops held by Nursing Research Center in 2019:

Workshop Title

Teacher's Name

Mendeley Software

Mr. Peyman Bazrafshan

Teaching Method

Dr. Sakineh Sabzevari

MAXQDA Software

 Dr. Seyed Bagheri

Azarakhsh Software

Mrs. Aliramazani

Creativity and entrepreneurship

Dr.Smat Noohi



List of workshops held by Nursing Research Center in 2018:

Workshop Title

Teacher's Name

Automation Software

Mrs. Arab Faridi


 Dr. moghadameh Mirzaei

Writing  English Papers


How to upgrade the H-index

Mr. Mousavi

Fetal Health Assessment

 Dr. Shah Rahmani

Psychotherapy Technique

Dr. Ahmadi

Advanced Search

Dr. Khoshnood

Awareness-based medicine

 Dr. Iranmanesh

Design and clinical standardization

Dr. Bahram nejad

Send articles to internal and external journals

Dr. Khoshnood




The list of workshops held by the Nursing Research Center in 2017:

Workshop Title

Teacher's Name

The Rite of Writing Scientific Texts

Dr. Fatemeh Kohan

Prenatal care from the perspective of traditional medicine

Dr. Haleh Tajaddini

Palliative care and cancer prevention

 Dr. Iranmanesh

Rhea writing thesis


Granded Theory 2015

Dr. Farrokh Zadian and

 Dr. Mangelian

End note Software

Dr. Hadi Khoshab

SPSS Software

Ms. Farideh Razban

How can a nursing thinker be?

 Dr. Cheraghi

Clinical Education

Dr. Sabzevari and

 Dr. Noohi

Clinical Evaluation

Dr. Sabzevari and

Dr. Noohi