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year 99:

Study of the use of complementary and alternative medicines in the prevention of COVID-19 disease in Iran, 2020 Dr.dehghan
Investigation of effecting factor on mental health level in on mental health of Kerman University of Medical Sciences’s mental health in hospitals and reference clinics in 2020 Dr. Ghazanfarpour
The study of effectiveness of guided imagery on fatigue, stigma and mood in patients with multiple sclerosis referred to the Medical Center of Special Diseases, Kerman, 2020. Dr.Tirgari
The effect of family-centered care with e-learning method on adaptation and resiliency of preterm infants, mothers in neonatal intensive care unites in Afzalipour hospital ,Kerman,2020 Dr. Nematollahi
Designing and evaluating cultural competency empowerment intervention in nursing students: a mixed method study Dr. Farokhzadian
Investigation of Quality and Effective factors of sleep disorder in pregnant women refereed to health centers care and hospital affiliated to Kerman University Medical Science in pregnancy in the coronavirus epidemic in 2020 : Structural Equation Modeling Dr. Ghazanfarpour
The effect of foot reflexology on sexual function and sexual quality of life in patients undergoing hemodialysis in Imam Reza Hospital in Sirjan in 2020 Dr.Dehghan
Explain the experiences of covid-19 patients in Kerman hospitals in 2020 Dr. khoshnod
Empowerment of Women Heads of Households in Covid19 Pandemic: action Research study Dr. Nematollahi
Investigating the Relationship between Anxiety with Resilience and Posttraumatic growth in Medical Internships of Selected Hospitals of Kerman and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences during Corona Outbreak Crisis in in 2020 Dr.Dehghan
Assessment of the effectiveness cultural care training on cultural competency and self-efficacy in master students of Razi school of nursing and midwifery of Kerman in 2020 Dr. Farokhzadian
Investigation of the Relationship between Sexual Beliefs and Women and male's Sexual Performance refereed to health centers care and hospital affiliated to Kerman University Medical Science in 2020 Dr. Ghazanfarpour
The investigate of Psychometric properties of attitude toward adoption in infertile women refereed to afzalipour hospital infertility clinic in kerman, 2020 . Dr. Ghazanfarpour
Investigation of The structure of the confirmatory factor of the Persian version of the hot flash belief questionnaire refereed to health centers care and hospital affiliated to Kerman University Medical Science in 2020 Dr. Ghazanfarpour
Investigation of Matricaria chamomila (Chamomile) Extract in the treatment of cyclical mastalgia in women refereed to hospital and health centers care affiliated to Kerman University Medical Science in 2020. Dr. Ghazanfarpour
The Effect of Mirror Therapy on Shoulder Pain and Disability , Quality of Life and Self-Efficacy Symptom Management in Unilateral Mastectomy patients Referred to Motahari Clinic in Shiraz in 2020 Dr.Roody
Investigation of fear and anxiety of covid-19 in girls aged 9 to 11 years in Kerman in 2020 Dr. Mangelian
Exploration the nurse experiances of caring the patients with covid 19 Dr.Mehdipour
Investigation of artemisinin Capsules derived from Gandvash and Dermaneh and Afsantin Capsules in the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19 virus in Afzalipour hospital,kerman, 2020 Dr. Ghazanfarpour
Investigating the Relationship between Spiritual Well-Being and Mindfulness with Corona's Anxiety in Cancer Patients patients referred to heath care centers affiliated by Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2020. Dr.Dehghan
Relationship between the time and method of oxygen therapy &incidence of retinopathyin preterm infant s in afzalipour & payambar aazam hospitals in the years 2019 to2020: perspective cohort study Dr. Nematollahi
The correlation between quality of sleep and fatigue with physical activity in patients with heart failure referring to the health centers of Jahrom university of medical science in 2020 Dr. Mangelian
Investigating the Relationship between Violence against mothers and mental health of mothers with the aggressive behaviors of Preschool Children during Corona Epidemic Dr.Asadi





Year 98:

The study Relationship between Professional Ethics Necessity and Ethical Decision Making in Health Sector and explaining Its Inhibitors in Zahedan City Health Professionals in 2019 Dr. Noohi
Study the effect of prevention education From Needlestick on Health Beleave and behaviors encountered in health care personnel employed in in Zahedan hospitals In 2018-2019 Dr. Noohi
The Effect of spiritual care empowerment program on clinical practice based on the integration of spirituality-religion in nurses of zarand hospitals in 2020 Dr. Farokhzadian
The effect of cinnamon aroma on the severity of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients referred to chemotherapy centers in Kerman in 2019 Dr. Tirgari
Exploration strategies and implications of cultural competency in nursing students Dr. Farokhzadian
Investigating the effect of multiple sensory stimulation on maternal anxiety and severity of pain during neonate blood sampling in preterm infants hospitalized in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Afzalipour Hospital in Kerman and Imam Khomeini Hospital in Jiroft , Iran 2019 Dr. Bagherian
The Relationship between Health Literacy and Complementary Medicine usage in Kerman, 2019 Dr. Bagherian
The Effect of Reflexology On Peripheral Neuropathic Pain Caused by Chemotherapy in Colorectal Cancer Patients in Selected Hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2019 Dr. Noohi
Explore the Social- Support needs in patients with cancer; A Qualitative study Dr. Khoshnoud
Explaining experiancesof the nurses and BSc of nursing students about implementation of new clinical educational method in nursing departments in kerman ,2019  Dr. Nematollahi
The Comparetive effect of accupressure and cryotherapy on the pain of the injection in the arteriovenous fistula in the patients under hemodialysis reffared to the clinical centers of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, in 2019 Dr.Dehghan

The effect of virtual training based on premature infants’ developmental care on the NICU nurses knowledge and perception of it in Afzalipour hospital of Kerman university of Medical sciences in 2019

 Dr. Nematollahi
Assessment the effect of acceptance and commitment therapy(ACT) on high-risk behaviors of boy’s adolescents in correctional and rehabilitation center in kerman city 2019 Dr. Noohi
The effectiveness of consultation based on PLISSIT model on Family Function and Sexual Quality of Life in patients with multiple sclerosis referring to the Medical Center of the Special Diseases, Kerman, 2019 Dr. Tirgari
The relationship between spiritual intelligence and quality of work life among Employees of Kerman comprehensive health centers, 2019 Mrs.  Alidousti
Explaining the decision-making process for donating organ among Volunteer donors and presenting the strategy Dr. Noohi
The effect of stress management on the coping with stress and self-efficacy in patient under hemodialysis of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Jiroft, 2019 Dr. Noohi

The relationship between neuroticism and mental health on premenstrual syndrome in students studying at Razi School of Nursing and Midwifery, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

The effect of PRECEDE-PROCEED model on quality of life in hemodialysis patients presented to centers of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, 2019 Dr. Sabzevari
the effect of education of evidence based practice based with journal club method on knowledge, attitude, and practice of nursing students in clinical wards of Afzalipour hospital in 2019 Dr. Bagherian
The effect of implementing the empowerment program on the hope of parents of preterm infants admitted to the newborn ward, Payambar Azam Hospital in Kerman, 2019  Dr. Nematollahi

The effect of training the maternal role on adaptation of maternal role and self-esteem in mothers of preterm infants admitted in the neonatal unit of Pyambar azam Hospital in Kerman in 2019

 Dr. Nematollahi
The Comparison of parental needs and the level of meeting these needs in Neonatal intensive care unit from the perspective of parents and nursing staffs in Afzali pour Hospital of Kerman, Iran, 2019 Dr. Roody
Assessing Effect of Virtual Training of Information Literacy on Information seeking and retrieval skills and Intention for Evidence-Based practice in undergraduate nursing students of Razi Nursing school affiliated to Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2019 Dr. Farokhzadian
The comparative effect of aromatherapy with essential oils of lavender and citrusaurantium on pain, anxiety and, agitation among conscious patients admitted to intensive care units of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2019 Dr.Dehghan


Year 97:

Exploration strategies and implications of cultural competency in nursing students Dr. Farokhzadian
The Comparative effect of essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary and Orange on retrospective, prospective memory and medication adherence among the patient undergoing hemodialysis referred to Medical Centers of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2019 Dr.Dehghan
Identify of the affecting factors on sexual function of menopusal women: a path analysis Dr. Ghazanfarpour
Identify of the affecting factors on length of breastfeeding: a path analysis Dr. Ghazanfarpour
The effect of nasal care with sodium chloride 0.9% spray on oropharyngeal colonization and nasal secretions of patients with mechanical ventilation that hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Shahid Bahonar Hospital in Kerman, in 2019 Dr.Dehghan

Patient Safety principles Training on Patient Safety Competencies of Nursing Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences 2019

Dr. Farokhzadian
The effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) counseling on the Concerns of Women with Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) referring to dependent health care Centers of kerman University of Medical Sciences ‚ 2019 Mrs.  Alidousti

Investigating the Effectiveness of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP)-Enhanced Cognitive Counselling on the Sexual Quality of Life and Sexual Self-Efficacy of Female Married Adolescents in Darab City, 2019

Mrs.  Alidousti
The effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy on perceived stress and sleep quality among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention referring to Shafa hospitals of Kerman in 2019  Dr. Mangelian

The Effect of spiritual counseling approach on disease perception and hope in patients with myocardial infarction in hospitals affiliated to Kerman University of Medical Sciences, in 2019

 Dr. Mangelian
The effect of narrative therapy on life expectancy in the people with spinal cord injury in Bam in 2019 Dr. Massoud Rayyani
Investigating The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) on the Rate of Anxiety, Depression and stress in women with first trimester leads to termination of pregnancy referred to Hazrat Zeynab Hospital in Shiraz in 2019 Mrs.  Alidousti
Effect of educational intervention based on health belief model to promote preventive behaviors of cardiovascular disease in health workers in Rafsanjan in 2019
Dr. Sabzevari
Investigating the Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Counseling on Blood Glucose and Perceived Stress in Women whit Gestational Diabetes under Diet Treatment Referring to Sirjan Health Centers, 2019 Mrs.  Alidousti
A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice the health workers in the City of Kerman of Iranian Medicine in 2019 Dr. Sabzevari
The effect of touch of infant by mother on mother’s separation anxiety and attachment behaviors with preterm infants in neonatal intensive care unit of Afzali pour hospital in kerman at 2019  Dr. Nematollahi
The effect of parent Involvement in caring of infants on the parenting sense of competency and parental role of infants admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences 2019 Dr.khodabandeh

The Role of Spiritual Intelligence and Identity Styles in predict of Psychological Hardiness among Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, 2019

Dr. Khoshnoud